We are committed to the Missio Dei.  God’s mission, from Genesis to Revelation, centers on the redemptive message of Jesus Christ going to all peoples, resulting in a kingdom over which Christ rules, made up of every people, tongue, tribe, and nation.


We are committed to the belief that all Spirit-empowered believers may be at the forefront of the mission of God without respect to the history, culture, or economic background of their people.  Specifically, we see Africa at the vanguard of the eleventh-hour harvest.

We are committed to partnership at every level. Specifically, we see the African church and the American church involved in strategic partnerships. Despite the challenges these partnerships pose, we are committed to facilitating the effective outcomes of such partnerships.


We are committed to the church. Everything we do in training is done as those who work within the framework of the church, with the edification of the church in mind so that the church may fulfill the mission of God.


We are committed to the financial enablement and participation of all partners so that all may share, as God enables, in the financial aspect of fulfilling God’s mission.


“Because we emphasize training leaders and teachers, we have added several hundred churches to our fellowship in recent years.”

—Dr. Honoré Daplex Ouentchist
President of the Ivory Coast Assemblies of God

What We Do

Preparation for Endorsement and Accreditation
We provide on-site consultations and assistance with self-studies for all levels of training. Our partnership with the Association for Pentecostal Theological Education in Africa (APTEA) facilitates a program of excellence for our Bible schools in Africa, providing endorsement and accreditation for those that qualify, and equipping teachers for effectiveness in the classroom through a teacher certification program.


Through our network of distribution centers and print-on-demand systems we can help facilitate the shipment or printing of training materials throughout Africa.

Africa Library Services
Assists in providing quality library resources for our Bible schools in Africa.

Computer Labs
We provide computer labs for research in Bible school libraries.

Training Today Newsletter
Facilitates information sharing to inspire and build community among trainers in Africa.

Regional Conferences    
Promote opportunities for the edification of trainers and the enrichment of training programs.