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The Africa’s Hope Discovery Series is a new Bible school curriculum that has been developed for use in Africa’s diploma-level Bible schools, providing a comprehensive biblical foundation for ministry in the African context.

The Africa’s Hope Discovery Series offers 38 courses in the following areas:

  • Biblical Studies (O.T. & N.T.)
  • Theology
  • Applied Ministry
  • Leadership Development

Each course includes a textbook, student and teacher workbooks, assessment resources, and test-making software.



This manual is a resource created to help Bible school administrators with the immense task of running a school effectively. The manual walks through the ten standards of a quality educational institution, as developed by The Association for Pentecostal Theological Education in Africa (APTEA). After working through the standards, Bible schools will be better equipped to train the next generation of leaders in Africa and to pursue endorsement and accreditation for the school. The manual also provides a wealth of practical resources and sample documents, such as forms, job descriptions, policies, and templates.

Theological Training Models

Training the head, heart, and hands to lead Christ’s church
This handbook was written to provide a resource for those serving in leadership roles with theological institutions who are committed to providing an appropriate theological training model that increases their capacity and effectiveness. Theological Training Models is designed to offer a practical and relevant tool to motivate and inform personal and institutional reflection to evaluate existing training models and discovery of new ones as possibilities.

Living the Truth is a seven-year Bible study curriculum that covers the Bible from Genesis to Revelation for the purpose of a church’s discipleship programs. It can be used in Sunday school, a mid-week Bible study, or other small group formats. Components of the series include teacher lesson plans, weekly memory verses, group discussion questions, and a handout for students that challenges them to live out their faith evangelistically in their daily lives.

Roots of Faith is a Bible study designed for local church workers to deepen their knowledge of God’s Word and to achieve spiritual renewal. Developing deep spiritual roots will result in greater fruitfulness and effectiveness in ministry.



Computerized printing systems are being used on site in many African cities for the printing of quality training materials at a fraction of the cost.


Provide training and research materials in digital format for easy access and portability.



Portable devices designed to disciple those who cannot read, the visually impaired, and those from oral cultures with low literacy rates.

Test Maker

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