ATTS encourages the process of endorsement and accreditation through the services of APTEA. Endorsement and accreditation mean that it has been determined that an institution is guided by well-defined and appropriate objectives to fulfill its mission, and has established conditions and procedures under which its goals can be realized, and is meaningfully accomplishing its goals, and will continue to do so. APTEA’s concept of school endorsement and/or accreditation is that a school is substantially meeting or in process of meeting APTEA Standards.


Endorsement and accreditation include the provision that an institution will complete a self-study based on the Ten Standards of APTEA. This self-study is the focal point of the process. It provides a clear, realistic and comprehensive look at all areas of the institution’s program as perceived by its administrators, faculty, staff, students, and community. An on-site visit will be required for initial endorsement and for accreditation, as well as for five-year renewals of endorsement and/or accreditation.


For Assemblies of God theological institutions, the Africa Assemblies of God Alliance (AAGA), along with ATTS, encourages Bible school leadership to network with APTEA in order to strengthen the bonds between AG schools across the continent.  For more information about the process and nature of endorsement and/or accreditation, you can access the APTEA Standards by visiting the following website: www.theAPTEA.org.